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Get to Know Us | Center for Creative Arts Therapy

Creative arts therapy is being able to harness all of the different art modalities. Visual arts, music, dance/movement, drama, poetry, and we're able to bring that into the therapeutic space.

So when a client feels stuck, they don't have the words to describe how they're feeling, or a situation, we bring them to the art form, and if they can't tell us how they're feeling, they can show us with their body, they can show us with the visual arts, and sing a song that empowers them, and that's how we bring the art forms into the practice in order to help the client express themselves more fully.

Get Professional Help with Center for Creative Arts Therapy

Have you been having a hard time dealing with your teen's strong emotions? Are you looking for help but not sure where to turn? Center for Creative Arts Therapy can help.

You might feel like your teen's struggles will ever go away, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The challenging feelings you’re experiencing aren’t just something you need to learn to live with. Whether you need to just talk it out, or you’re just looking for some better coping strategies to overcome life's challenges using the arts as a tool, Center for Creative Arts Therapy can provide you with guidance and support.

Let the Center for Creative Arts Therapy show you how to deal with grief and loss so you can begin to heal, starting today.

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