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The Center for Creative Arts Therapy is dedicated to leading and developing creative training opportunities and continuing education for the mental health community, enhancing arts-based psychotherapy skills within one’s practice.



We also offer clinical consultation, as well as internships, postgraduate training and supervision. Training opportunities are designed for students and professionals in health and wellness professions to learn, network and collaborate.

The Center for Creative Arts Therapy's Faculty and Staff are available to provide creative arts therapy presentations, trainings and workshops on a variety of topics designed to meet your educational interests.


All program options are customizable to the organization and individual.



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For Organizations

Mental Health Training for Schools, Arts Organizations & Social Service Agencies

Parent Support Through Group Art-Making

​Effectively Engaging a Child with Special Needs in Learning

What Did You Say?: Improving Communication with Your Teenagers

The Importance of Art and Movement in Therapy

Introduction to Music Therapy and Dementia

Forever Goodbye: How to Talk to Your Children About the Death of a Loved One

Express Yourself: Creative Movement for Children with Special Needs

Social Skills for the Socially Challenged Through Interactive Drama Therapy

Art Making for the Physically Challenged

Preparing For the Long Journey: How the Terminally Ill Can Make Peace

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For Students

​Introduction to Drama Therapy

Students learn the history, foundational principles and current approaches in the field


Development of psychodrama, practical applications and history of Jacob L. Moreno

Expressive Arts Therapy

Understand the power of imagination to access and transform parts of self through the use of the arts

Therapeutic Theatre

Students learn various approaches in drama therapy with different populations

Ethical Issues in Expressive Arts Therapy

Gain working knowledge of the accrediting creative arts therapy bodies and the Counseling Association Standards of Ethical Practice


For Professionals

Creative Social Skills

Learn how to incorporate the arts into social skills sessions for clients.

​Creative Self Care

Helping clinicians support their emotional well-being in a fun and interactive workshop.

​​Expressive Arts Therapies in Psychological Treatment: Guidelines for the Practicing Technician

Drama Therapy with Abused and Neglected Children

Welcome Home: Reintegration of Soldiers and Families through Expressive Arts Therapy

Feel the Beat: Music Therapy with Developmentally Disabled Clients

Psychodrama and PTSD

Dance/Movement Therapy for the Terminally Ill and Their Caregivers

Healing Flute Circles for Those Living with Cancer

Expressive Arts Therapy in Medical Settings

Beat It: Drumming for Oppositional Defiant Adolescents

Telling My Story: Healing Through Words

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For Artists

Trauma Informed Directing Practices

Mental Health Training for Arts Organizations

Therapeutic Theatre

Students learn various approaches in drama therapy with different populations

​Creative Self Care

Helping artists support their emotional well-being in a fun and interactive workshop.

Art Making for the Physically Challenged

Telling My Story: Healing Through Words

Emotional Wellness for Student Artists

What Do I Do Now?: What To Do When a Student Discloses.

Let us inspire and guide you towards healing the world through the arts.

The Center for Creative Arts Therapy offers creative, clinically focused trainings and workshops for students, mental health professionals, artists, organizations and educators in expressive arts and drama therapy. 


Train with one of our globally influential and award-winning faculty, prepare yourself or your organization as leaders in your field, and effect purposeful and inspiring revolutions in the community.

For more information on Creative Arts Therapy training programs, compassionately creative counseling services and arts-based psychotherapists throughout the country, call us at (847) 477-8244, email us, or visit us at 2600 Warrenville Road, Suite 205, Downers Grove, IL  60515.

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