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Developing multi-arts collaborative programs that work toward your program's goals, greatly increasing your clients' overall mental health.

The Center for Creative Arts Therapy offers your employees, staff and leaders with innovative wellness opportunities. Wellness Programs, Consultations, Program Development, Lunch & Learns, and Presentations support and educate your team on the importance of wellness, finding balance, discovering creative outlets for problem-solving and stress reduction.



We love to talk about what we do!


Enjoy an informative presentation on creative arts therapy for your facility, conference, or seminar. We will tailor the presentation to suit the interest of audience members and provide practical information and tools that can be applied in your setting with the following services:


  • Staff training

  • Workshops

  • Presentations

  • In-services

  • Lunch & Learn Workshops



Mental Health at Work

Empowering businesses and their employees through mental health trainings, resources, support, leadership awareness, and a culture of care in the workplace so companies and their teams can thrive and grow.



Multiple offerings on the use of expressive arts therapy modalities are offered for organizations and those in the helping professions throughout the country.

The Center for Creative Arts Therapy has given more than 150 invited keynotes, presentations, workshops, and courses throughout the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia for mental health, healthcare, education, and arts professionals; graduate counseling, drama therapy, and expressive arts therapies students; and the general public.


To meet the increasing needs for distance learning, the Center for Creative Arts Therapy also gives webinars for mental health and healthcare professionals and students via Skype and other electronic platforms.


Mental Health in Your Community

Empowering organizations and their people through comprehensive program development, consulting and workshops.



Let's face it, your employees are tapped out, stressed out, and burnt out. Which means what? . . . low productivity, lack of creativity and problem-solving, stifled communication and a less than healthy business culture.


Now imagine an organization that embraces their employees, allowing for visionary thinking, productive communication, and overall well-being. The skills to work with our emotions and other people are crucial to developing a strong work culture, but rarely incorporated or embraced in corporate wellness programs.


We focus on the entire person, not just the physical.  Our Wellness Programs have improved the wellness of entire individuals, thus improving entire companies:


  • Overall health & well-being (emotional, mental, and physical)

  • Stress management & emotional resilience

  • Communication & collaboration

  • Visionary thinking & leadership

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