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Art Therapist


  • B.A. Pre-Art Therapy | University of Saint Francis

  • M.S. Art Therapy and Counseling | Mount Mary University


Insurance Accepted

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO


Type of Therapy

  • Art Therapy


Patient Population

  • Children

  • Teens

  • Young Adults

  • Caregivers

  • Seniors

Issue Focus

  • Addictions

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Grief and Loss

  • Life Transitions

  • Motivation and Change

  • Trauma


  • Illinois (in-person & virtual only)

About Jaclyn Hofstetter


I employ art-making as well as verbal processes within the therapy session to assist clients in overcoming challenges in their lives. Art therapy is a powerful mind-body therapeutic process, informed by neuroscience, psychotherapy, and trauma-informed practices. The arts-based processes used in session stimulate the brain in areas inaccessible by verbal stimulation alone and contribute to new neural connections. As a clinician, I have found that creating a tangible, physical item within the therapy space can also make it easier to talk about issues, as the client is able to distance themselves from the subject of the art and form new perspectives.

When working with clients I utilize a person-centered approach that looks at the client in the context of their lives and explores how challenges are affecting the client in the here-and-now. I practice with a trauma-focused lens and the use of non-judgmental language to join the client where they are and strive to inspire wellness, promote healing, and create change.

Jaclyn is also our Outreach Specialist, and helps with community programming, and making connections within the community on our many program offerings and services. You can find her at many of our sponsorship events.

Unique Approach to Therapy

What makes my approach unique? I am regularly asking for feedback from my clients. How is the treatment going? Are we addressing issues you care about? Do you feel you are making measurable progress? At the Center for Creative Arts Therapy, we help people actively engage in making therapy as useful and user friendly as possible. We use this feedback to improve treatment methods, guide therapist training and improve overall customer satisfaction. We believe this patient-centered approach makes the Center for Creative Arts Therapy world-class.

Specialized & Extended Training

What makes Jaclyn Hofstetter stand out is her high level of education and experience. She, along with all Center for Creative Arts Therapy therapists, attends at least 120 hours of extensive ongoing training and personal development per year in treating anxiety, depression, work stress, and relationship problems. This rigorous instruction differentiates Jaclyn from others in the field and allows her to provide the highest quality of service to clients.




To get started with the Center for Creative Arts Therapy, schedule an appointment or call 847-477-8244.


During the scheduling process, we will ask questions to match you with the therapist who will best meet your needs including service type, emotional symptoms and availability.

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