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Available HYBRID (In person OR Virtual)!


Looking to expand your projective theatre and drama therapy repertoire?


During this hands-on workshop, participants will learn and practice various projective techniques used frequently in drama therapy, such as puppetry, mask, makeup, and video. Projective techniques are demonstrated in class and examined theoretically.


This workshop will cover a number of expressive projective techniques, drawing from the fields of creativity in counseling, theatre and drama therapy. This includes the use of puppetry, mask work, photography, video, doll-play, and storytelling. This course is both didactic and experiential in nature. Students will discuss theory and applications of the projective techniques across the lifespan, with extra focus on children and adolescents. Additionally, applications of adapting techniques to work with addictions, trauma, anxiety, and depression will be explored.


Learning Objectives


  • Students will learn core projective techniques used in drama therapy and other mental health disciplines.

  • Students will learn how to apply and adjust projective techniques to a variety of populations including children, adolescents, addictions, post-traumatic stress disorder, and veterans.

  • Students will apply Gestalt, Jungian, Rogerian, Drama Therapy and Play theories to the use of expressive projective techniques.


Limitations and Risks:


  • Participants understand the nature, objectives, limitations, and results from the training are distinctly different from the formal study of the creative arts therapies
  • There are potential risks when introducing creative arts into your practice without adequate training
  • The creative arts therapies are an evidenced-based treatment


The Center for Creative Arts Therapy is approved as a continuing education provider for Social Workers and Counselors by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation, Approved Continuing Education Sponsor, (#159.001383).


This workshop provides 15 CEUs for Social Workers and Counselors and 1 credit hour for Drama Therapy and Expressive Arts Therapy students.


Optional Expressive Arts Therapy Course - 1 Credit EAT

Required Drama Therapy Course - 1 Credit RDT

Projective Techniques: Masks, Puppets, Video & More (15 CEUs)

  • Required Expressive Arts Therapy Course

    (15 CEUs/1 credit) Saturday & Sunday, October 14-15, 2023, 9:00AM-5:30PM, at the Center for Creative Arts Therapy, 2600 Warrenville Rd., Suite 205, Downers Grove, IL 60515


    Via Virtual Zoom

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