Poetry Therapy


This course examines the interrelationships between poetry and psychology, with a focus on transformations of meaning in words and lives. Topics will include the varying functions of poetry over the life span, poets’ reflections on how and why they write, poetry as political witness and community catalyst, therapeutic uses of poetry, and the distinctive qualities of “poetic” language.


Transformative processes are integral to psychological perspectives on poetry – how poetry is written, what poetry reflects, and what it has the potential to evoke. Poets’ transformations of experience and perspective, along with transformative use of language, underlie the making of poetry. Transformation is reflected in the functions and appeals poetry can have for readers and writers of different ages, and it is sought in the practice of poetry therapy.


There is a long tradition of psychological study of poetry and the transformations entailed in its making. We can find – and extend for ourselves – psychological applications, including from developmental psychology, counseling and psychoanalysis, cognitive studies, social psychology, humanistic psychology, and research on creativity. Poetry, in turn, can be a powerful and evocative vehicle for understanding and communicating transformative processes as studied by various psychological subdisciplines.


Learning Objectives:


1.    Increase appreciation for poetic use of language, how poems are made, what “poems make”...
2.    Review and explore the implications of diverse psychological perspectives on how people change vis-a-vis the writing and reading of poetry
3.    Develop a forum for the interdisciplinary discussion of poetry and psychology. Some of us bring pre-existing interests and skills from the Humanities; others from the Social Sciences. Together, as a group and individually, we will endeavor to broaden and deepen our understanding of the variety of “transformations” discussed.
4.    Explore how poetic explorations of the human experience can sometimes deepen, sometimes fundamentally challenge standard psychological approaches to understanding.
5.    Consider the significance of poetry for the “community,” historically (including politically) and in our own time, place and college.


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Poetry Therapy

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