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A theoretical and experiential exploration of drama therapy in work with individual clients, including: integration of verbal and dramatic methods and consideration of clinical, cultural, social, existential, and relational factors in providing attuned responses to client needs. An array of approaches along the distancing spectrum are introduced, with extensive time allotted for demos and dyad practice with feedback. Treatment planning, and suitability of approaches for different populations is also considered.


A practical/clinical examination of the application of drama therapy with individual clients, including shifting between and integrating verbal and dramatic methods in one-on-one work; engaging the individual client over the course of a multi-phased therapeutic relationship; and balancing the consideration of clinical, cultural, social, existential, and relational needs in providing attuned approaches within the dramatic medium.


The experiential portion of the training will focus on the application of drama therapy as a powerful tool in working with individuals. The didactic portion of the training will offer a theoretical basis and rationale for the use of drama therapy in multiple clinical situations.


Learning Objectives:


  • Design and describe a drama therapy progression of exercises and techniques with an individual.
  • Analyze the “warm-up” or readiness of an individual to move into action methods.
  • Apply a foundational understanding of drama therapy theory and practice to the development of a treatment plan for a selected clinical population.
  • Describe specific drama therapy interventions appropriate for different populations.
  • Describe how autobiographical therapeutic performance can be an effective form of short term therapy.
  • Utilize doubling in working with individuals.
  • Apply the technique of “role reversal” in clinical practice.
  • Describe the psychodramatic technique of “mirroring”.


Limitations and Risks:


  • Participants understand the nature, objectives, limitations, and results from the training are distinctly different from the formal study of the creative arts therapies
  • There are potential risks when introducing creative arts into your practice without adequate training
  • The creative arts therapies are an evidenced-based treatment


The Center for Creative Arts Therapy is approved as a continuing education provider for Social Workers and Counselors by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation, Approved Continuing Education Sponsor, (#159.001383).


This workshop provides 15 CEUs for Social Workers and Counselors and 1 credit hour for Drama Therapy and Expressive Arts Therapy students.


Drama Therapy with Individuals

  • (15 CEUs/1 credit) Saturday & Sunday, September 18th-19th, 2021, 9:00AM-5:30PM, 4336 Saratoga Avenue, 2nd Floor, Downers Grove, IL 60515 at the Center for Creative Arts Therapy, 4336 Saratoga Ave., 2nd Floor, Downers Grove, IL 60515