Expressive Arts Therapy Student


  • BA in Psychology

  • BA in Individualized Curriculum Program

  • MA in Clinical Mental Health Community Counseling

  • CPI Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Certified


Insurance Accepted

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO


Type of Therapy

  • Expressive Arts Therapy

  • Dialectical Behavior therapy (DBT)

  • Strength-Based Therapy


Patient Population

  • Children

  • Teens

  • Young Adults

  • People of Color

Issue Focus

  • Adjustment

  • Trauma

  • Grief & Loss

  • Self Worth

  • Behavioral Issues       

  • Multicultural Issues

  • Identity Exploration & Development

  • Work Stress

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Burnout

  • Identity Exploration & Development

About Nisha Paliwal

Nisha A. Paliwal is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Illinois and National Certified Counselor who is honored to serve clients in therapy from a warm space of authenticity, openness, true empathy, unconditional acceptance, and humble non-judgment.


Through her background of having experienced life, being educated, and professionally training in different countries including Cameroon, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and India, she cultivates a passion for uplifting the uniqueness and infinite potential of growth within each individual, family, and community through a multicultural lens of respectful curiosity and empowerment.


Through her academic and professional work, she has developed significant clinical skills specializing in supporting the human experience of navigating, healing, and thriving through life’s various changes and challenges. Nisha ultimately believes that we all are connected to ourselves, our natural surroundings, and one another, and views well-being holistically as she strives to guide clients towards their individual and collective blossoming.

Unique Approach to Therapy

What makes my approach unique? I am regularly asking for feedback from my clients. How is the treatment going? Are we addressing issues you care about? Do you feel you are making measurable progress? At the Center for Creative Arts Therapy, we help people actively engage in making therapy as useful and user friendly as possible. We use this feedback to improve treatment methods, guide therapist training and improve overall customer satisfaction. We believe this patient-centered approach makes the Center for Creative Arts Therapy world-class.

Specialized & Extended Training

What makes Nisha Paliwal stand out is her high level of education and experience. She, along with all Center for Creative Arts Therapy therapists, attends at least 120 hours of extensive ongoing training and personal development per year in treating anxiety, depression, work stress, and relationship problems. This rigorous instruction differentiates Azizi from others in the field and allows her to provide the highest quality of service to clients.




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